Dog Tries To Reach Leftover Pancakes On Stove, Accidentally Starts A Fire

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In what can be a big lesson for people with pets, this video posted on Facebook shows exactly why one should never leave leftover food on or near a stove. Southwick Fire Department in Massachusetts has shared a video showing just how terrible the outcome can be. Posted on January 30, the video captures the moment a dog accidentally switched on the stove and started a fire while reaching for some leftover pancakes. The fire department is using the footage as a warning to everyone.

"First, we always caution about putting items on the stove. In this case, the family pet decided to help themselves to some leftover pancakes while the owners were away. Unfortunately, the dog hit the ignition button on the gas stove," says the post accompanying the video.

The video shows the fire getting bigger in no time. You can even see the apartment fill up with smoke. However, the dogs and the house were saved thanks to the resident's alarm system. "The homeowner was connected to a monitored alarm system calling responders saving severe damage," explains the post.

"THIS IS AN IMPORTANT VIDEO PLEASE WATCH. It may save the life of a loved one, please STAY SAFE," says one Facebook user on the video. "Wow! Huge lesson in this video," says another.