Japanese UNAGI EEL Restaurant in TOKYO | Roppongi, Tokyo [4K]

Fighting the Summer heat and fatigue with a beautiful Unagi Eel meal
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***Update January 2018***
Manzen has unfortunately closed in December 2017.

Summer is here in Japan, it's really humid and hot outside, what is the best thing to do? Eat some amazing and delicious Unagi eels, known for being rich in Omega-A oils, which helps fight "Natsubate" (or summer fatigue in Japanese).

Today we head to Manzen, a small shop in the Roppongi Area of Tokyo. They have a Unagi-only menu, where you can choose between either a UNADON (bowl of rice topped with eel), UNAJYU (same as unadon but in a square box instead of bowl), and a TOKUSEN UNAJYU (a Unajyu with extra extra unagi on it).

The eels come from an eel farming company called Yamada Suisan, known for raising 100% organic eels. Compared to eels raised with chemicals and antibiotics, the meat is thick, tender and full of flavor.

The eels are prepared Kabayaki Style which means that they are butterflied, steamed, covered with tare sauce (a sweet thick soy sauce), and then broiled on a charcoal grill. The tare coating almost turns to caramel and gives a delicious sweetness to the unagi eel.

Eel dishes in Japan can be really pricey, but here at Manzen you can try delicious organic eels for less than 1000 yen (10$).

Open from 11:00 to 18:00
Tel (for reservations only): 050-5593-9855

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