Build4Power Extreme Showcase - PC water-cooling

"Build4Power Extreme Showcase.

It was quite an adventure, but finally this exclusive and unique system is ready. What a fantastic extreme system it has become. Custom water cooling FTW. The waterblocks and cooling parts are from Bitspower. Four different loops are cooling this system supported by 32 Corsair 140mm fans. Two of these loops are for the GIGABYTE GTX TitanX. One for the Intel 5960X CPU and GIGABYTE Motherboards X99 Gamer 1 Black Edition and the fourth loop is for the Corsair DDR4 memory and Hard drives. Not because it is necessary to cool harddrives, but because we can…

Everything is powered by a Corsair 1500 watt powersupply. And all this is customized by Build 4 Power

Is this an awesome machine or what?"

Opdrachtgever: Build4Power