MX-5 Turbo VS GT3 RS VS Ferrari 488 - Nurburgring Battle

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What is faster? A 25 year old turbo MX-5, a brand new Ferrari 488 or a Porsche GT3 RS?

Of course the Porsche or the Ferrari and although everyone seams to have a 'Ring story about that time that he was faster than that guy in a GT3 RS please if they try tell it to you, just...slap them in the face!
It is a given that the owner of 200,000 Euro Porsche might not be willing to take the risks the owner of a 5,000 Euro shitbox would. And although in most cases we are keen to quickly dismiss the supercar owner as a rich guy that can't drive there is a good chance he doesn't even know that...there is a race!

Case in hand. Kostas MX-5 is working(?) or...not really?

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