2017-12-03 10:22:39

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Bee the baby microbat came into care this morning after being found by Warwick on a shop floor.
Rescued by Mr Batzilla and weighing in under 2 grams, Bee is even tinier than little Beetle who we rescued a couple of weeks ago.
After some much needed subcut fluids, warmth and rest, Bee is feeling much brighter this evening and like Beetle, she will be hand raised by Michelle who specalises in microbats.
Thanks to employee Warwick for carefully scooping Bee up in a cloth before placing her in a box with a bottle cap of water, Bee will be in care until she can be successfully returned to the wild.
If you look carefully you can see that Bee has the hiccups which is pretty cute.
Unvaccinated people must never handle bats. I am a fully vaccinated, licensed and trained carer.