チャッキーかよ! 可愛い表情から一転怖い表情に激変するヤバイぬいぐるみ『Feisty Pets(フェイスティペット)』

2017-11-12 22:18:17

-Feisty Pets Christmas Bear
-Officially-named Ebenezer Claws, but you can call him whatever you want
-Plush animal that reveals shifty eyes and sharp teeth when squeezed
-Wears a little scarf and a Santa hat that reads "Naughty/Nice"
-Perfect for practical jokers
-A great gift for anybody on both the naughty and nice lists
-Materials: Polyester fibers
-Care Instructions: Surface washable.
-Dimensions: 8 1/2" tall
-Ages 3+

Music by Oh No Oh My "Walk in the Park (Remastered)"

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