2017-10-12 22:47:27

Man Scared out if his wits on glass bridge as cranks appear in cruel prank
Most terrifying attraction ever as 3,500ft high glass walkway CRACKS when tourist crosses it
It's a popular feature for tourists in China
A cruel prank has seen people cowering on their knees and breaking down as they desperately try to cling onto a glass walkway as it cracks 3,450ft above the ground.

But all is not what it seems as the terrifying experience is actually part of the walkway where the glass looks like it has cracked, but is actually fine.

A viral video has now been watched more than 18 million times as it shows an unsuspecting tour guide off guard cowering across.

The twisted installation was put on the cliff-side transparent walkway at the East Taihang Mountains Scenic Area in Handan City, China and is considered a popular "feature" for tourists.

While some visiting the glass walkway on Yuntai Mountain were aware of the effect, it appeared to catch the guide unawares as he led his group through the scenic area during the recent "Golden Week" holidays.
The widely shared clip on social media shows him stepping onto the walkway, which rests at 3,540 feet above sea level.

But as soon as he plants his feet on the thick reinforced glass, the panels begin to "splinter" beneath him, causing him to scream and panic as the additional "cracking" sounds make him think the walkway is breaking.

He drops to his knees while his group stops behind him.

The poor man was eventually reminded about the tourist "feature", but he could do little to spare himself from the embarrassment.

Video Credit : Asiawire